Winner list of Provide Feedback to Win a Prize Ⅱ
Prize level Prize Winner
First Prize Huawei V9 Smartphone and****ua
Second Prize Amazon gift card worth 500 RMB sur****om jam****et
cun****tr Wae****sy
jam****sy ady****sy
abd****sy ram****sy
moh****tn cha****om
Third Prize Amazon gift card worth100 RMB mar****om zoh****om
fak****uz muh****pk
eko****ru joe****ch
fac****om har****om
luc****cu moh****za
orl****ph ahm****om
ami****om cha****om
goh****om hra****om
r.b****fr uma****pk
wal****om ema****om
gar****om jba****ph
mar****cu ppr****pl
sho****om Syr****sy
abd****om adi****om
alf****za ben****om
bla****fr chi****om
chr****ch dje****om
els****az fel****cu
guy****cn jac****za
kat****gr mar****in
r.m****pl son****om
igo****om m.m****ru
muh****tr pay****om
rat****th sre****in
tia****br wai****om
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