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Welcome to

Huawei Customer Support Services


Thank you for choosing Huawei products and Customer Support (CS) services. Huawei is committed to quickly providing professional quality services for you and helping to protect the value of your investment in Huawei products. Huawei CS services aim to assist you in expediting issue resolution, maintaining network availability, and operational efficiency.


Huawei Hi-Care Services Overview


Huawei Hi-Care services provides maintenance services for customers. Relying on a three-level technical assistance center and spare parts system that operates 24x7,Huawei responds to your technical requests for remote troubleshooting and advance hardware replacement in the shortest possible time. Hi-Care provides onsite technical support to help you maintain a more efficient and stable network environment and improve network productivity.


Huawei Hi-Care Services Features

The Huawei CS services information in this document is for general information purposes only. Huawei CS services descriptions can vary by region or country. For details on Huawei local CS services descriptions, please contact a Huawei authorized partner or Huawei Service Sales Manager.


Huawei Hi-Care Services Entitlements

Any end user who has Huawei Hi-Care/Hi-Care On-site service contracts are entitled to use Huawei’s extensive technical expertise and resources:

Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Support:

Huawei’s global technical support organization has three Global TACs, five Regional TACs, and five Country TACs that provide CS services for customers in over 130 countries 24 hours/seven days a week. With access to TAC expertise, you can expedite issue resolution and optimize network operation.


Advance Hardware Replacement Service:

Advance Hardware Replacement Service entitles you to receive replacement hardware after your service request is accepted by Huawei.

Huawei’s worldwide spare parts operation and logistics centers will guarantee that hardware will be delivered as agreed SLA in your contract.

Onsite hardware replacement

For the problems that cannot be resolved without replacing the hardware, Huawei will assign experienced technical support engineers to your site to replace the hardware and rectify the fault to restore your system.

Online Self-help Support

Access to Huawei Website Knowledge Base, software releases, product documents, materials, tools and notifications, as well as Smart Q & A, etc. to improve the maintenance capability of your engineers.

Operating System Software Updates:

System software correction patches and minor version releases are available from Huawei's technical support website.

Alerts Call Home

Hardware alarm is automatically reported to Huawei technical support center by Call Home system, and then Huawei informs customer if necessary.







Opening a Service Request with Enterprise TAC

For customers with current Huawei service contracts, Huawei provides customer support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on the Web, over the phone, and by mail.

Before opening a service request, you should have the following information available:

• Your name, company, telephone and fax numbers, and email address

• Purchase order, service contract (if applicable), product serial number and product model

• Site address and software version of the faulty product (if applicable)

• Detailed failure symptoms

• Priority level and impact of the problem

You can open a case with Enterprise TAC via email or by phone:

• Specific Regional TAC phone numbers and email addresses can also be found at


When opening a service request through the TAC or via email, you will be asked to assign a priority level based on the impact of the problem. Priority level definitions can be found below.


Creating an Online Service Request


The fastest way to create service requests and submit them to the HUAWEI TAC is to use the online service request system. To use the online service request system:

1.  Log in: http://support.huawei.com/enterprise.

2.  Click “Apply now” under “Service Request” to Register Product and apply for SR privilege.

3.  After application successfully, login Huawei support website and click “Service Request” (unlocked now) in page below to enter the online service request system and create Online SR.


For detailed instruction about how to create online SR, refer to the operation guideline on following link: http://support.huawei.com/enterprise/en/bulletins-service/ENEWS1000012485





Creating a Service Request by App on your Phone


The most convenient way to create service requests and submit them to the HUAWEI TAC is to use Huawei Technical Support App. Please refer to the Video operation guideline on following link:



Escalating a Case to an Escalation Manager Over the Phone


Please call any of the hotline numbers and reach Customer Care Representative (CCR). Once you reach CCR, ask to speak to an “Escalation Manager.” Please be prepared to provide the case number and the reason for case escalation.

Huawei Escalation Managers are available 24x7 and will follow up directly with you to understand the issue and outline the next steps for resolution.


Hardware Support Service —

Return Materials Authorization Process

Submitting an RMA Service Request


To submit an RMA service request, please contact the Huawei TAC Customer Care Representative (CCR):

Specific Regional TAC phone numbers and email addresses can be found at



When calling, please be prepared to provide the following information:

l  Your name, company, telephone and fax numbers, and email address,

l  Purchase order, service contract (if applicable), serial number or model number (if applicable), site address, and software version of the faulty product (if applicable)

l  Detailed failure symptoms


The Huawei TAC CCR will confirm the information, create a technical service request, and validate entitlement. A Huawei TAC Customer Support Engineer (CSE) will troubleshoot the problem and inform you of the result.


After the Huawei TAC CSE determines that it’s a hardware failure, the Huawei TAC CCR will create an RMA, entitle the SLA of the RMA, and give you an RMA reference number.

Once an RMA number has been issued, a Customer Request Verification Notice email will be sent to you with the RMA number, entitled SLA, part number, and quantity authorized for return, together with return address details and RMA terms and conditions.

Tracking RMA Service Request Status

Please contact the Huawei TAC CCR to enquire about your RMA service request status.

Specific Regional TAC phone numbers and email addresses can be found at



Returning a Faulty Part to the Parts Depot

For Return for Repair service, please return the authorized parts to Huawei as soon as possible. Service turnaround time will start from the date that the faulty part is received at the Huawei warehouse. RMA numbers are valid for only 30 days. RMA numbers older than thirty (30) days need to be revalidated by calling the Huawei TAC CCR before the part is returned.

For Advance Replacement service, please return the faulty part within 15 business days after you receive the replacement part. Failure to return the parts may result in Huawei invoicing your company for the part at the then-current list price, or Huawei may take other appropriate action.


Returning a Faulty Part — Details:

       Send the faulty part to Huawei at the address provided on the Customer Request Verification Notice form.

       Before the faulty part is shipped to Huawei, complete the Customer RMA Return Notification form (Provided by Huawei TAC) and email it to the Huawei receiving department.

       Return only the original faulty parts. Do not return extra memory, accessories, or power supply cables.

       It is preferable that the original packing, including any anti-static and foam wrapping should be used for all returned parts. Should the original part packing not be available, then adequate packing should be used, taking into account the method of shipment of the returned part.

       Clearly mark the corresponding RMA number on the outside of the cartons and on shipping documents.

On receipt of a part returned under an RMA number, a Receipt Notification email will be sent to you by the Huawei receiving department confirming receipt of parts and quantities received. Please check the Receipt Notification to assure that the part and quantities of parts received by Huawei match what you shipped.

If you are unable to find the correct address or have any questions about returning faulty equipment, please contact Huawei TAC, or send an email to the TAC mailbox.


Online Support Center


Online support platform anytime anywhere:  http://support.huawei.com/e

Register for Huawei Support-E

To begin using your Huawei service contract, you will need to register a Huawei Enterprise Support Center user Account on Huawei website, please refer to the Support Website Registration Guide on the following link:


Upgrading to a Customer Account

A Guest only has basic privileges and access to public content on Huawei Enterprise Support Website, a Customer account enjoys more privileges. Please refer to Guidance to upgrade to a Customer Account on the following link:


Using My Subscriptions

Keep tabs on the latest developments of any product you like. Use My Subscriptions to keep the products you want at the center of attention! Please refer to Guidance to Use My Subscription on the following link:





More Information

If you require additional information, please contact your Huawei Authorized Partner or Huawei local Service Sales Manager.