End of Service Announcement
Date format: 12/31/ 2012
Subject: End of Service Announcement for IAD300 Series Products
Dear Customers,

         To help you discern market changes and adapt to technology development and innovation, Huawei announces this milestone of the IAD300 series products include IAD 304BIAD 316BIAD332QIAD332L.

        The EOS date of IAD 304BIAD 316BIAD332QIAD332L is March 31, 2013. After March 31, 2013, you will not receive any technical support on March 31, 20137, including the customer service hotline. You can still download FAQs and troubleshooting cases at http://support.huawei.com/enterprise one year after the EOS date.

Table 1 End of Life Milestones and Dates for IAD300 series products: IAD 304B/IAD 316B/IAD332Q/IAD332L

Milestone Definition Date
EOM End of Marketing. The EOM date is the date from which the acceptance of the PO (including new and expansion offices) is rejected. The product is not sold any longer after the date. June 30, 2009
EOP Last order date of spare parts. December 31, 2009
EOS End of Service & Support. It refers to the last date of the service. After the EOS date, Huawei does not provide any service for the product. March 31, 2013
Table 2 BOM for EOS products.

End of Life BOM Replacement BOM
IAD304B -4FXS&4FXO Integrated Access Device(SIP) 99041QRH IAD104H 02313199
IAD316B -16FXS&16FXO Integrated Access Device(SIP) 99041QRB IAD132E(T)-16O16S(SIP) 02352027
IAD332L-32FXO Integrated Access Device(SIP) 99041QRF
IAD332Q -32FXS&8FXO Integrated Access Device(SIP) 99041QRG IAD132E(T)-32S 02351172
Table 3 Replacement products/release end of life milestones
End of life milestones for the eSpace IAD series IP Phone

Milestone Date Note
eSpace  IAD104H EOM June 30, 2014 Planned
eSpace  IAD104H EOP December 31, 2014 Planned
eSpace  IAD104H EOS June 30, 2019 Planned
eSpace  IAD132E(T) EOM December 31, 2014 Planned
eSpace  IAD132E(T) EOP June 30, 2014 Planned
eSpace  IAD132E(T) EOS December 31, 2019 Planned
Huawei assures that this announcement is helpful for you to plan your future networks. Huawei hopes that this measure will not affect the existing service relation. We are consistently dedicated to providing you with other excellent products and services. If you have any question, please contact your Huawei account manager and/or Local Channels Partner.
For more information about the Huawei lifecycle strategy, go to http://support.huawei.com/enterprise/news
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 
12/31/ 2012