No.: EOS-NW-2013-062-Global
Date: 2013-06-30
Subject: End of Life Announcement for SmartAX MA5600T/MA5603T/MA5680T/MA5683T V800R006 Version


Dear Customers,

To help you better cope with challenges brought by market changes and technological innovations, Huawei hereby informs you of the milestones in the life cycle of SmartAX MA5600T/MA5603T/MA5680T/MA5683T V800R006. Hopefully this information can give you a reference on making future network development plans.

The sales of MA5600T/MA5603T/MA5680T/MA5683T V800R006 will be stopped on December.31, 2012. Please note that you can no longer order MA5600T/MA5603T/MA5680T/MA5683T V800R006 after the EOM date.

Table1 describes the end of life milestones, definitions, and dates for MA5600T/MA5603T/MA5680T/MA5683T V800R006.

Table1 End of life milestones and dates for MA5600T/MA5603T/MA5680T/MA5683T V800R006


Milestone Definition Date
EOM End of Marketing. The EOM date is the
date from which the acceptance of the
POs for new deployments and capacity
expansions will be rejected. The product
is not sold any longer after the date.
EOFS End of Full Support. After the EOFS, R&D
will not develop patches for the software
EOS End of Service and Support. After the EOS,
Huawei does not provide software problem
analysis services.

Huawei would like to advise that you move or upgrade your products to the newer version/release in order to continue and enjoy Huawei’s high level service. The recommended replacement for SmartAX MA5600T/MA5603T/MA5680T/MA5683T V800R006 is MA5600T/MA5603T/MA5680T/MA5683T V800R011 or above.

Table2 Replacement release


End of Life Release Replacement Release
MA5600T/MA5603T/MA5680T/MA5683T V800R006 MA5600T/MA5603T/MA5680T/MA5683T V800R011

Table3 Replacement release end of life milestones


Milestone Date Note
EOM TBD TBD: To Be Determined
EOFS TBD TBD: To Be Determined
EOS TBD TBD: To Be Determined

Hopefully this announcement can help you plan your future networks. This measure will not affect the existing service relationship and quality. We are consistently dedicated to providing you with other excellent products and services. If you have any questions, please contact your Huawei account manager.

For more information about the Huawei lifecycle strategy, please go to

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
June 30, 2013