No.: EOM-NW-2012-498-Global
Date format: Jan/31/2012
Subject: End of Life Announcement for RTN 605 1A/1B/2B Product


Dear Customers,

Huawei will discontinue the sale of RTN 605 1A/1B/2B product as of June 30, 2012. After the specified date, Huawei will not accept orders for new offices. In addition, Huawei will discontinue the sale of expansion offices and spare parts of RTN 605 1A/1B/2B products as of September 30, 2013. For details of the spare parts, see Table4: List of RTN 605 1A/1B/2B Spare Parts.

Table 1 End of Life Milestones and Dates for RTN 605 1A/1B/2B


Milestone Definition Date
EOM End of Marketing. The EOM date is the date from which the acceptance of the PO (including new and expansion offices) is rejected. The product is not sold any longer after the date. June 30, 2012
LODSP Last order date for spare parts September 30, 2013

Huawei provides the following products that have similar features and capabilities or better performance compared to RTN 605 1A/1B/2B.

Table 2 Replacement Products


Feature End of Life product Replacement product
RTN 605 1A/1B/1B can be replaced by RTN 605 1D/2D/1E/2E by supporting all the specifications. RTN 605 1A/1B/2B RTN 605 1D/2D/1E/2E

Table 3 Replacement products end of life milestones


Milestone Date Note
EOM December 31, 2016 Planned
LODSP September 30, 2018 Planned
EOS December 31, 2021 Planned

Table 4 List of RTN 605 1A/1B/2B Spare Parts


Part Number Part description EOM
02315978(605 1A) OptiX RTN605,SL71IRU101,5*E1/1*IF/IDU Unit(-48VDC) 2012.6.30
02315979(605 1B) OptiX RTN 605, SL71IRU102,16*E1+1*IF IDU Unit(-48VDC) 2012.6.30
02315981(605 2B) OptiX RTN 605, SL71IRU201,16*E1+2*IF IDU Unit(-48VDC) 2012.6.30

Huawei assures that this announcement is helpful for you to plan your future networks. Huawei hopes that this measure will not affect the existing service relation. We are consistently dedicated to providing you with other excellent products and services. If you have any question, please contact your Huawei account manager or Local Channels Partner.

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