End of Life Announcement


No.: EOS-[AS]-2010-serial number-target market segments.

Date: 02/11/2010


Subject: End of Life Announcement for Huawei IADs of Certain Versions


Dear Customers,


Huawei announces the end of life of Huawei IADs of certain versions.

The last day to order the following IAD products is December 31, 2010 (EOFS). Customers will not receive patches since then, and problem report analyses will be provided till June 30, 2011 (EOS).


IAD versions that will not provided are as follows:

V1: IAD2000 V100R101 series, IAD2000 V100R001 series, IAD2000 V100R002B01 series, and IAD2000 V100R002B02 series

V2: IAD2000 V200R001 series, IAD2000 V200R002B01 series, IAD2000 V200R002B02 series, IAD2000 V200R002B03 series, and IAD2000 V200R002B05 series (excluding IAD2000 V200R002B05D029 and IAD2000 V200R002B05D030).

V3:IAD2000 V300R001B01 series, TS0001 V300R001B01 series, TS0402 V300R001B01 series, TS3202 V300R001B01 series, IAD2000 V300R001B02 series, TS0001 V300R001B02 series, TS0401 V300R001B03 series, TS0402 V300R001B03 series, TS0401 V300R001B05 series, TS0402 V300R001B05 series, and TS0402 V300R001B06 series (excluding TS0401 V300R001B05D020, TS0401 V300R001B05D021, and TS0402 V300R001B05D020).


Table 1 describes the end of life milestones, definitions, and dates for IADs of preceding versions.


Table 1 End of Life Milestones and Dates for IADs of preceding versions





End of Full Support. After the EOFS, R&D will not develop the patch software.

December 31, 2010


End of Service & Support. After the EOS date, Huawei does not provide problem report analyses for software.

June 30, 2011


Huawei would like to advise that you move or upgrade your products to the newer version/release in order to continue and enjoy Huawei’s high level service. The recommended replacement for IADs of certain versions is the ones that are still available.

Table 2 Replacement release


End of Life Release

Replacement Release

The replacement release is stabler and has more powerful functions. It can interconnect the IMS network, and supports the FXO interface (IAD132E(T)) or Web configuration function (IAD208E(M) and IAD132E(T)).

See the preceding list.

IAD V300R001


Table 3 Replacement release end of life milestones





December 31, 2014



December 31, 2015



June 30, 2016



Table 4 outlines the features impacted by this announcement.


Table 4 Affected software feature





Hardware whose PCB version is AG31VPPC cannot be upgraded to the latest version.



Hardware whose PCB versions are AG21CSPA, AG21CSPB, and AG21CSPD cannot be upgraded to the latest version.



Hardware whose PCB version is AG11CVPC cannot be upgraded to the latest version.



Huawei assures that this announcement is helpful for you to plan your future networks. Huawei hopes that this measure will not affect the existing service relation. We are consistently dedicated to providing you with other excellent products and services.

If you have any question, please contact your Huawei account manager.

For more information about the Huawei lifecycle strategy, go to http://www.huawei.com/product_lifecycle.do


Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.