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9008 V5

9008 V5

The KunLun 9008 V5 mission critical server is a new-generation midrange computer developed by Huawei.
The KunLun 9008 V5 is suited for mission critical enterprise applications, such as large OLTP and OLAP databases, large HANA in-memory databases, large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Cluster Resource Management (CRM) systems, mission critical service application integration, and High-Performance Computing (HPC) fat nodes. It features high computing performance, large memory capacity, excellent scalability, high reliability, easy management, and elastic deployment.
The KunLun 9008 V5 can be configured based on customer's application scenarios to reduce CAPEX. In a basic configuration, the server consists of only a system compute enclosure (SCE). In an advanced configuration, the server can be equipped with a resource expansion enclosure (REE) and a central management enclosure (CME), in addition to an SCE.
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