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G560(Computing|FusionServer|FusionServer|G560) Document List

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The G560 is a full-width compute node of the FusionServer G5500 server. It uses the Intel® new-generation Grantley processors to deliver powerful computing capability and scalability. It is ideal for application scenarios such as AI training, HPC, intelligent cloud, and database acceleration.
The G560 compute node supports GPUDirect RDMA and P2P interconnection technologies, and features one-click switchover of heterogeneous topologies to provide optimal heterogeneous topology configurations for various application loads. It supports the long-term evolution of CPUs and heterogeneous components based on modular design.
The G560 compute node consists of the full-width general-purpose compute module G560 and full-width heterogeneous compute module GP608. The heterogeneous module provides more powerful computing capabilities. Customers can configure module as required to achieve optimal performance.