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Replacing old products with new products has been the norm in the industry. Managing the product lifecycle and introducing new Huawei products at a reasonable pace will help you attract more users and enhance your competitive advantages in the market. Huawei has been performing lifecycle management according to industry conventions and has managed to establish a lifecycle management system and clear product lifecycle strategy and product EOX strategy.

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  • Latest Product Life Cycle Notices
End of Service and Support Announcement for OceanStor 5300 V3&5500 V3&5600 V3&5800 V3&6800 V3 V300R001 Release 2017-07-19
End of Marketing Announcement for OceanStor Onebox V100R005 2017-07-19
EOM Announcement for Huawei IPC6321-VR and IPC6321-VF(20170630)_EN 2017-06-28
EOS Announcement for Huawei DCM(20170630)_EN 2017-06-28
EOFS_EOS_Announcement_for_huawei_FusionSphere_Product_FusionSphere_V100R003 2017-04-20