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G530 V5

G530 V5

The G530 V5 is a half-width compute node of the FusionServer G5500 server. It uses the Intel® new-generation Xeon ® Scalable processors (Purley platform Skylake processors) and provides large-capacity memory. It is ideal for application scenarios such as AI reasoning, HPC, intelligent cloud, and database acceleration.
The G530 V5 compute node provides high-density heterogeneous computing capabilities and supports GPUDirect RDMA and P2P interconnection technologies. It supports multiple CPU:GPU ratios to provide optimal heterogeneous topology configurations for various application loads.
The G530 V5 compute node consists of the half-width general-purpose compute module G530 V5 and half-width heterogeneous compute modules GP316 and GP308. Heterogeneous modules provide more powerful computing capabilities. Customers can configure module as required to achieve optimal performance.
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